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Intergrated Arm Toolbelts
Arm goes whir.

So so far, we've got chrome for ears, eyes, head, chest, groin. But you -can- also get Cybernetic arms and legs. But there's not really any chrome for them unles you count the various hand chrome. So my idea!

Intergrated toolbelts, they'd require a cybernetic arm obviously, but it allows you to have say, a toolbelt (of your choice, different types would have varying costs. But it would save on having to carry a belt around, and instead you'd always have it on you, and you can deploy it out of your arm when you go to install/uninstall something.

Sounds super dope and themely. Also, belts are pretty hard to steal since they're typically worn. +1.

Kind of feel like the more chrome we get the closer we get to the chop-shop 2nd hand chrome which is CPAF.