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Judge uniforms as disguise
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Akasha

I think that in order for the judges to continue having RP with normal citizens outside of their shifts, the name on the judge uniforms can, if wanted, be different than how they are addressed regularly.

Or, when we're not in uniform, players who don't know us personally/without the buckets on our heads can RP not recognizing us when we don't wear our tights/@titles and all can be dandy. Also, the names on our nameplates are our last names. I'm sure when/if shortdescs come in it'll be a lot simpler.
'Course, by now we player Judges have a fair amount of reknown, so...

At some time in the way off future there will be this glorious moment when the coding team gets a bit further down 'The List' and there will be some sort of 'short descs' implimented rather than 'names' perse.

Ah yes....'The List'....

'THE LIST'(dundundun) is vying with the great wall of china for the spot of "longest thing to be seen from outer space" isn't it?

you poor poor buggers.

*shakes head*

Apparently you missed the announcement.....'The List' passed the Great Wall almost a year ago.  Guess you must'a been hiding in the sewers when that announcement was made.

really? well, damn.

i miss a lot when hiding in the sewers...
and the damn rats don't like calzones.