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Jumping off a roof
while in Combat

Wrote to the admin about this on xhelp last night without a response.

Currently you cannot jump off an edge while in combat.

You MAY be able to stop attacking and jump off an edge - I'm not sure about that.

What do YOU think? Does this make sense? Has this disrupted anything for you or players you know? Will it make sense to a new player?

I'm not about to intercept someone jumping off a roof in a fight. Realistically, of course.

I think it would be a good option that worked in conjunction with flee. i.e.

Flee n edge, etc.

Esther, you are saying there should be a roll to determine if you are intercepted before jumping off the roof?

Esther, you are saying there should be a roll to determine if you are intercepted before jumping off the roof?

I approve of this, just so we can have (very cyberpunk) moments like this:

Or this.



Or maybe

Or even this

If someone's jumping *across* an edge interception might be viable. Otherwise I wouldn't risk someone just flat out jumping off a roof. But some characters might. I just think it would risk falling too.

I think that's what makes it great. Some people run characters that are so god damn cocky, that they'd rather take the risk and not give their opponent the satisfaction - than let them kill them outright.

After all: style is everything.

Not to mention your character might have access to skills or tools that make jumping off a roof an attractive alternative to fighting!

If at all possible then it should definitely have a roll associated to the attempt, just like with flee. It's the same thing as turning and trying to run. I'd also say that it should be more difficult to avoid damage when jumping off a roof top or across a roof while dodging bullets or a knife. It's more of a freak decision than a planned jumped.

It doesn't neccisarily have to be a 'freak' decision. Maybe you're cowering behind some obstacle on the roof, getting bullets fired all around you. You take a few moments to decide, do I dare peek out from behind here to shoot back or just run from the cover of this busted AC unit to dive off the roof?

Yeah but that's not how combat is represented. You're ENGAGED in combat. anything else is a distraction. An attempt to flee is an interruption to combat. Jumping off the roof is an attempt to flee. You lose a round and it rolls a check. This is how combat works.

Stryder, I think the point being made is that if this were to be possible (fleejumping off an edge while in combat) that there should be greater risk of taking damage from the jump.

Makes sense to me.

It's not like the character spent the time deliberately lining up a running start, sticking their footing on their jumpoff spot, and eyeing for their landing zone. If they did concentrate their TIME and effort that way, they'd just get tripped or worse by the attacker or something and fuck it up anyway, so, it's a snap decision and a panic jump.

It's all hypothetical anyway until there's actually any way for fleejumping to work.

I like the idea of it being an option and I agree with the 'flee' check to see if the jump is successful and a penalty to agility even if it is.

Also, in the past (this seems to fit the theme of this thread) I've ran into the problem of when having someone grappled not being able to jump of an edge(not across, not plausible that way). I mean, honestly, if you were crazy enough to grapple someone and keep a hold on them and wanted to take them out along with yourself I don't see whay that shouldn't be possible. Of course as long as all the proper skillchecks are passed (probably multiple skillchecks: grapple/resist and shove/resist in one command?)

I like this idea.

Someone who knows the rooftops, knows they can jump it or even if they can't, better alternative to remaining on the roof.

Jumping across the street while still "engaged" in a fight as part of a flee option besides just flee - love this.