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Just a thought.
On the way we smoke that is.

I remember someone telling me about a command a while ago where you could change what your social verbs do.  I tried it once and than the second time it was lost.  I was just wondering why we couldn't have access to that.  I like being able to customize my char. as much as possible.  I was just curious if this could possibly be re-installed if it's not too much of a problem.  If it is just tell me.  

The only reason I ask is I don't like the message I see when I smoke.  I don't like smoking that way.  Maybe I'm just being selfish, but like I said, it's just a thought.

Cigarettes are not socials, and we don't like those messages either. *COUGH*

Someone should take care of those messages.
[/admin]And the ability to make custom socials was superceded by @macros.

Have at it.