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Keeping our streets clean
Those pesky street sleepers!

We always have new players who don't grasp off the bat that their character is a persistent existence inside the game even when they log off. They also don't tend to realize that there is a room they can go to for the first two weeks of their life to have free lodging.

So I suggest an advancement on what people have been trying to do. A host of IC measures have been exacted by different people to combat this problem but it still exists.

Since it is already the job of WCS to keep the streets clean and improve overall city appearances, why not give them the job of dragging the bodies to the coffins. But instead of it just being a pile of bodies in that room. Have a verb in that room that allows a WCS technician or anyone that decides to lend the city a helping to deposit the player into room underneath the coffins that has a room description that spells it out for them. Add in a verification check just like when someone goes to enter the mag-lev that asks them if they read the room desc and understand it, before they are allowed to leave said room.

Future offences after the first could be handled by a fee charged to their SIC to exit the room which could be gathered by WCS reps.