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Keeping your pronouns during 'appear'
Not every urchin is a 'ze'

Could we please get the option to keep your original pronouns when using 'appear'? I've seen it quite a few times now that people use "appear" in order to better define their character and not to disguise themselves.

The problem is that the gender-neutral terms come with ze/zir attached to them, no matter if you want that or not. And that leads to confusion if it goes against what the player intended.

If you don't want pronouns to switch, then don't use pronoun switches? Seems like a non-issue.
tbh id also like if you could choose between masculine or feminine shortdescs without having to 'appear'

by which i mean something like '@shortdesc feminine' to use things like 'curvy', etc

@TalonCzar: I don't. Other do and I understand them wanting to use certain shortdescs that are only available through 'appear'. But it is confusing when e.g. the descriptions all show 'he/him' and the clothes/socials/poses show 'ze/zir'.
Oh, you're talking about POSES. I get you now.

You can simply hard-code male/female/other descriptions into clothing and the like and use whatever pronoun or shortdesc you like. But you're right, poses will use zir and ze.

The point isn't that those shortdescs are "only" available via appear, the point is tha they're available to neuter appearing characters.

You can use pronoun substitution in your @description, @nakeds and clothing. This will make them match your poses and stuff. Of course it's going to be "ze/zir" everywhere, not "him/he" or "her/she", but at least they'll match.

It sounds like what you're asking for is to completely separate gender from shortdesc. In which case, it's like asking for the 3 lists to go away and just have one shortdesc list with everything on it.