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Keyword Search
list objects with similar keyword

Now, this might just be because I am new, but the keyword system IG is a little confusing. I like the use of first, second, third... but what gets me is having to figure out where in the queue an object is.

My idea isn't really mine, I have seen it in other muds.

keyword <object name>


keyword boobs

1. Nice boobs are in your hand
2. Fat boobs are in your inventory
3. Skinny boobs are in your inventory
<line break>
4. Ugly boobs are here
5. Lopsided boobs are here
6. Tiny boobs are on shelves
7. Tiny ugly boobs are in bin

I use 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. It can be annoying at times but I recommend examining said objects to specify certain keywords which can be specified besides the major one. I.E. Color, fabric, item type. Most items are designed this way.

However, you make a very valid point. A way to quickly elaborate on this without having the typing speed of jackrabbit on crack would be useful.

It seems to me that the code to check a keyword exists already, the moo makes a list of objects based on the keyword, hence being able to reefer to things via first second third. I think a tweak that allows players to view this same list formatted for our frail human eyes would be relatively simple to code, and sup per useful.
I'd have to verify the logical order, but the keywords are prioritised something like this...

right hand
left hand
inventory (in order they appear when you view your inv)
location (in order they appear in location desc)

When an item is moved into your inventory or location, it's added to the end of the list (subject to verification, I'm fairly certain that this is the case)

So, to follow your example, if you were holding a boob in each hand, had two of your own and several more around you...

first boob is in your right hand
second boob is in your left hand
third boob is first in your inv
fourth boob is second in your inv
fifth, sixth, seventh, etc boobs would be in the location, in the same order they're displayed.

If you dropped the boob in your right hand to inv...

no boob in your right hand
first boob is in your left hand (previously second)
second boob is first in your inv (previously third)
third boob is first in your inv (previously fourth)
fourth boob is in your inv (previously first)
fifth boob and on remain unchanged

Again, I can't confirm that's the exactly the order they work in, but I'm fairly certain it's about right and I'll try to get it verified. It should probably be added in a help file. (random fact, Nth (the system of identifying the nth object in a list) was the first piece of SD code I ever worked on).

I'm not sure if that solves your problem or how a keyword system would work differently. Would you expect every item in the MOO to have a different and unique identifier in its name? (Unlikely to happen, imo, for logistical and OOC abuse reasons - "You stole MY boob, I know because I had the saggy one!") Or that the keywords are generated on the fly similar to the existing system based on the order they're available to you? (In which case no two people would see the same keywords and descriptors would change as you manipulated, held, dropped and picked up various things... so no change from the existing system at all).

Off the top of my head, if it's a huge problem, I'm thinking of a system that'd allow players to assign a temporary personal alias to an item in their possession that they have more than one of... but the alias would be invisible to other players and cleared the second someone else picked the item up, otherwise we'd end up with items bloated up with dozens of aliases assigned by various players over time. That's just a wild idea though, it's not my call nor within my power to implement... (nor do I think it's necessary, personally). :)

(Edited by Rastus2 at 6:09 pm on Dec. 8, 2010)

"Would you expect every item in the MOO to have a different and unique identifier in its name? ""

How I imagine the code working, and I could (is) be completely wrong is this:
When a player queries a keyword. The MOO makes an array on the fly (my other hunch is that arrays of items based on keywords are made each time on object is moved...but I dunno) giving each item with a keyword that matches the queried one a numerical value based on their placement.

So I try to <use boob> welps there is more than one. There is 1.boob 2.boob 3.boob. So then I need to clarify which boob I want by adding 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
for (int i=0, i<=ObjectsInRoom;i++){
addToTempArray(Object Keyword);}

So now the MOO has an array it can use to organize all the objects with the same keyword numerically .

The MOO must have some system of organizing keywords on the fly! Otherwise how would it know that there are multiple objects in a room and assign each a numerical value.

SO! If the MOO has this information, wouldn't it be just a matter of coding and formatting so that this same information could be printed to the screen?

function keyword <name> where name = boob

for(int i=0;i<=boobArray.getLength();i++){
System.out.println( i + boobArray.getString(i));

PS. If you are a coder, please do not be insulted by my shitty Java, haven't coded since highschool.

Warning, warning
This poem is not suitable for those who take life too serious
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Just another name for those titties
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It could be old titties, swoll titties, titties hanging loose
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Titties that you can throw over your shoulders.

Titties, difference colors, and I need them
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Now if I had a pair of titties
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Because I loooooove me some titties

Mmm, boobs... concentrate!

So are you saying that the:

I don't understand that ("boob" is an amibiguous name).

...message needs to be more informative? (ie, explain that boob could refer to first boob, second boob, third boob, etc) or is there something more?

It should be do-able, but... As it stands matching doesn't return a list of items, it either returns a specific exact object match, or an error code, one of which is $ambiguous_match (the other two being $failed_match and $nothing). The function that called the match then decides what to do with the returned value and, if necessary, how to display it. As the $ambiguous_match tells us nothing other than the fact there were more than one possible result we're not in an immediate position to display a list of possible matches... we don't have that info.

We can't change the matching functions to return a list as hundreds of other existing functions expect a result in the existing format. So, we'd have to write something to look up all the potential matches, and that in turn would have to be added to every command you might use that can currently result in an ambiguous match error message... (get, look, hold, drop, etc, etc, etc, it's a HUGE list, literally every command to interact with a named object). There's no quick fix that'll cover all eventualities...

There might be a simpler solution, but I'm not in a position to look at code so I'm kinda speculating from memory.

Hmmm, perhaps this may work.

Currently as far as I know, every object is examinable. Therefore the function examine should work on all objects.

So maybe a command that can piggy back on the back of examine, since it is already private to other players.

I am thinking when an ingame command, called keyword <item> in this example, it runs a function cloned off of examine. It runs examine on every item in a room and inventory based on the entered string, but instead of returning a list of commands for each item, instead it returns the name of the item and a number.

So essentially :
keyword boobs =
examine 1st boobs
examine 2nd boobs
examine 3rd boobs
until ambiguous is returned instead.

Now instead of this function returning all of the info examine does it insteady simply prints to the screen.
1 <object name>
2 <object name>
3 <object name>

You're a bit off on how it'd work, but the principle is sound... examine wouldn't be needed at all.

We could create a command that simply generated a list of everything that matched 'x' in your inventory and location then display it in the desired format and correct order. That'd actually be relatively simple... but one of the proggers would have to do it.

(I realise, in re-reading your first post, that we've just taken an epic and entirely over-complex detour to exactly what you first suggested... but lets just pretend it was useful, eh?) :)
LOL, does that mean no? No keyword function? XD
Quote: from Rastus2 on 5:52 pm on Dec. 11, 2010[br]You're a bit off on how it'd work, but the principle is sound... examine wouldn't be needed at all.

We could create a command that simply generated a list of everything that matched 'x' in your inventory and location then display it in the desired format and correct order. That'd actually be relatively simple... but one of the proggers would have to do it.

Heh, I missed this post when I wrote my last reply. I didn't realize I was unclear in the OP! But yes, what you just suggested was exactly what I meant! It being simple is one thing, I hope that you and perhaps the playerbase would find this command useful. I know I would!

Thanks for the epic journey, Ras.

You weren't really unclear in the first post, but I probably paid more attention to the first replies, explaining how it currently works and subsequent discussion than I did the initial suggestion.

All said and done though, I'm still not really convinced it's entirely needed as long as people know how the Nth function works and how to work out which item is first, second, etc.