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Kickin down the doors
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Mcgill

I noticed in a certain room, when I examined a door, that you had the option to kick it in. I just think It'd be totally awesome if this was implemented on all doors, though I do see how it could be abused, it would be pretty realistic.

I could see it on like a few doors.  Bust i mean, you ever tried that shit they do in the movies where they run at a fuckin' locked steel door, and break it down?  That shit doesn't work in real life.  Those fuckers are like a brick wall.  Where you going?  No where.

Not to mention, IRL if I'm sleeping in my room, someone kicks down my door, I wake up and do something about it, but my char is still in blissful slumber waiting to die....

which is why you make it damn near impossible on the steel doors. But the flimsy weak ones...

Kickable doors leads to shootable doors and explodeable doors.

All of which require 'doors' with hit-points.

Which requries a system for non-player objects to have hit-points.

Which is in the works.


Which requires a manpower cycles push once initial code is completed to 'give' all the 'objects' in the 'Moo' hitpoints.

I think we are at about 16000 objects at the moment. Most just need to have generic's adjusted, and the data should flow down...then rooms, existing doors, custom items...probalby looking at about 20-30 dedicated manhour cycles of it isn't that bad I suppose...


In any case it should still be very, very, very, very, very(I can go on, but I think you get my point)  hard to get to sleeping charcters, I know it's part of the game, but I think being able to walk into new rose with a sledghammer when your one of the few on, and clear the frickin place out would be Twink defined....

We can only code so many things to stop twinks.

If you want breakable doors, the twink factor will come in to play no matter how hard we make it. At 4AM DST if the player decides to smash at your door with an automated macro, there won't be a damn thing that you or us admin can do beyond pull breakable doors from the game.

You want pickable doors, hackable anything, bustable whatevers, you are going to get twinks. Twinks happen, they abound, they abuse wether we put in extensive systems or not. Only solution is not to have any players at all, or to remove all features that can be abused and leave the moo with no commands.

I hate twinks. They waste my time. I hate idlers, they waste my time as well. I hate a lot of things, but they sure as hell won't go away. And when we take a hard line on twinks, they come flame the bgbb and you non-twinks bitch and moan and kick up a fuss and say that the admin at sindome suck and they are utter shit. I've seen it happen, just saunter through some of the older locked up topics. And if you aren't bitching on here you are bitching on AIM and I get third and fourth hand accounts of who is saying what about us in relation to us being hardassed on some fucking looser who someone happens to be pals with.

Drives me nuts.

I suddenly want to break things...



Doors. Someday. And yes, we will make it game balanced. Christ, we always do, and when it doesn't work, we invoke the 'As it has always been' clause of Beta and correct the problem.

And if you aren't bitching on here you are bitching on AIM and I get third and fourth hand accounts of who is saying what about us in relation to us being hardassed on some fucking looser who someone happens to be pals with.

Jesus Christ! haven't most of us graduated from high school?

I like to vent sometimes. �But I like the admin and the GMs and the players. �If I didn't I wouldn't play the game. �I think thats what it comes down too. �Players sometimes need to vent there frustration to continue being good players. �Just like admin/gm need to vent to continue being good admin. �It's a -good- thing. �Otherwise everyone just keeps it inside, until they fuckin' explode like a frag grenade and take out a few hundred people. �Or atleast take it out on someone not deserving of the full brunt.

And you got to think, most 'twinks', I hate that name, but whatever, most of them aren't twinks to just -be- twinks. �They aren't used to a -real- RPG. �They played FF or some MMORPG where anything goes, and you do whatever you can /beg /cry /steal /kill to get what you want. �They just don't understand the way things work yet. �Thats why you got to help them, and explain it sometimes. �I do things sometimes without thinking and then like two seconds later i'm like.. Fuck. �That was twinky. �I -should not- be carrying so much gear around. �Even though I just grabbed it -all- from a corpse of a well established player who is not a twink. �You just have to hold yourself up to a standard. �If you do that, then other people will too. �And if they don't, it's probably not because there trying to cheat, its because they just don't know any better.

(Edited by Nemisis at 12:05 am on Aug. 4, 2004)

(Edited by Nemisis at 12:13 am on Aug. 4, 2004)

Yeah.  Its happened with me before, as many admin could probably tell you.  I'm a real asshole sometimes.  Ain't that right, Kev?

Shit happens.  And sometimes it hits fans.  But eventually you realize that there's not a damn point in arguing about it.  Just be civil, you goddamn asshats!

Yeah.  Its happened with me before, as many admin could probably tell you.  I'm a real asshole sometimes.  Ain't that right, Kev?

Yeah, I've had to talk the weapon out of your hands a few times.

What's real and what's important is that we're human. In the heat of the moment, everyone says things in anger. But at the end of the day, we're very forgiving too. To a fault, sometimes.

It's fine to get pissed, and vent. It's not ok to attack and insult people though. For the most part everyone does a really good job about this. On the rare occasion, someone hits a wall and explodes, but even that's forgotten 4 hours later when they've calmed down and thought it through. They too are, after all, human. Just like the admin and GM's.

I think everyone knows this, but on occasion it bears repeating.

You just have to hold yourself up to a standard.  If you do that, then other people will too.

In all seriousness: If you live by thoes words, you'll lead a more fulfilling life... and play a more fulfilling game.



Asshat! Sheesh Iga, get with the program.

It's a much cooler word then metrosexual.  

hmm... metro sex

(hides in a corner, rubbing his hands together)

You haven�t lived until you've watched a guy declare, in all seriousness, that he's a metrosexual, and then watched him have his eyebrows plucked.

*looks around*

Asshat indeed.



These terms, so strange. Did you kids pick them up on that show with the homosexuals who re-design your house and whatnot? I do declare, that is the strangest sort of show...anyone been to the moving picture shows lately? I hear they are talkies now, though I will miss the organist. Why, my cousine Betty, she worked down at the Miramax, she was such a good organist, always right in time with the moving picture will be a shame when she's gone. A heyup.

(So, like, doors and stuff. What do you all think about doors and kickable doors and the like.)

:shakes his head in dismay.


I don't know much about people loosing it on Kevlar or asshats but I'll try and stay on topic for once.

Personally I think the idea of kicking down certain doors is great. Different levels of fragility, one you could pry open with a crowbar, the next could be smashed open with a seldgehammer. Maybe some doors that only yield under a hail of gunfire? You could have TERRA and WJF battering rams and those could trickle down into the blackmarket.  a Battering rams/electrical short circuiting battering rams that short circuit the locks upon contact with the door.  Explosives stuffed in locks and placed on hinges... Only the weakest doors should be foot kickable though, it's harder then the TV makes it look.  

Hrm. Maybe you guys (admins) could have a log script or something running every time the verb is invoked. I guess it would add to bloat and someone would have to go through the log but it could overwrite itself every week or so and it would be there and searchable if there was a really odd moment that happened during the week and it needs to be checked out.

Or you could go the way of "Fun with scripts!"
- Once the verb is invoked once or twice inside New Rose, Old Man Thompson or some tough guy on his payroll comes running up, searching for the sound of splintering wood. Crusty old bastard has no qualms about letting people into rooms but damned you if you scratch up his doors?
- He calls TERRA, who come running and "witness" the destruction of property?
- He grabs his potato gun and starts blowing the door hurting sumbitch away without so much as a warning?

Either way, it's time spent writing code to deal with people who have no common sense or respect for the game. But other then that, people will keep messing with sleepers. Why, it's the fun thing to do!  :bash:

gee willickers

I personally think you should have some sort of list that tells you all the RL things you CANT do in the game. I went out and bought a crowbar a while ago only to find that there seems to be no use for it yet, other than to pummel people with (as far as my investigations have shown anyway). I was thinking of prying the front off of some lockers or something.

I know, a list is a waste of time and a stupid idea, but all the best ones are. Please don't make a list. Please!!! I'll have your babies!!! With Lea and Perrins "special" sauce.

This guy used a crowbar that was about a foot taller then him to pry open a deadbolted door. The building was going to be torn down within the week and he wanted to know what was behind the door.  He's taller then 6 feet, he nearly strained his back doing it, even with the help of weaker humans. I don't think it's called a crowbar if it's longer then the person lugging it around....
And for his troubles and burst spleen him and his helper elves found an empty room with a mouldy but empty carboard box and a bunch of rusted pipes.
The moral of the story? Somedays it's easier to climb through the cieling and unlock the door from the inside[or] always know someone who can pick locks.

*disclaimer: this is a bedtime story and it never happened. break and entry is a crime kids. even in abandoned buildings. do not break and entry things. or they will eat you. who are they? no one knows but they like to eat. do  the fear dance now.*

*coughs and wanders off*

the crowbar was one of the first things i found in SD and wandered around posing much frustration at my inability to pry apart windows, doors and paper.

One time, back in my day of running the streets, we took a crowbar and busted in this kids window and stole his radar detector. Oh, good times those were.

Why did you need a crow bar!  A big rock will make the same amount of noise.

Just get a slim-jim.  And you don't have to rush.

Cuase I'm Hardcore.

You fucker, I want my radar detector back.

You can get a six foot crowbar?! *ponders that for a moment*

darKPete: You know, if you want to, like, break into something with, like, that crowbar on the MOO...well...just page me when I'm on and we can chat, maybe now and then we can set up a situation where you are able to pry/smash/bust into something like a locker or car window or something. Anything is doable, but not everything is coded.

Who's darKPete?

Hirononbu, did you even -read- the past posts?

Oh, so like, when you had darKPete followed by a colon, I thought you were putting a chat excerpt in or something.


You can get a six foot crowbar?! *ponders that for a moment*

the fun you can have with a six foot crowbar is beyond all comprehention.  

six-foot crowbars!

orgasmic vandalism!



and IGA!!! thankyou.

*giggles like an ex school girl*