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Knife Disarm

I notice that knives really lack when it comes to stuff like disarming or arresting. Disarming with a knife is a very real thing. One of the best places for a knife fighter to aim is the wrist of their opponent since it's being held out in front of them. If you get stabbed there you also tend to drop your weapon. Might be a nice addition if it doesn't cause too many balancing issues.
You can disarm with any weapon.
There is no lack of disarm or wresting when using any weapon. They're all the same and it's dependent on the skill of the disarmer versus the skill of the disarmee.
I think you have a misplaced assumption on how disarming works? Because I've been told how it works and there's not a lack of any disarming for any skill.
Well then, I learned something today!
This could have be realized through practical IC sparring and training.