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Kruise Kontrol
Be out! Be out! Be out! Be out!

I think a toggable cruise control system for cars would be nice. The principle would be staying in motion unless braking.


Instead of "Drive n n n n n"

You turn cruise control on.
Enter "Drive n" and Wa keep going north.

Once in motion you'd be able to turn by using "turn <n/s/w/e>"

To stop you "brake" or "stop driving"


Driving is great but if you're gonna shouldn't you have to know the course to win.

It'd also be cool if there were perception checks while driving for hidden exits big enough to drive through. Hidden shortcuts in a designated tracks would be most badass.

I've been playing too many racing games...

Which ones? I got NFSU2, Juiced, and Midnight Club 3 DUB edition :)

Cars also need e-brakes. E-brakes damnit!