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Last call

Some places, like bars, should have a set time when they open and closed. Those bartenders gotta sleep sometime...

I'm pretty bored right now....

The problem with proper hours of opperations is this:

If you live in, well, lets say the UK, and you log on at the hours of 3AM to 9AM Dome Standard time, what the fuck are you going to do? How will you buy things? How will you get beer? How will you feel cut off from the real Roleplaying and ambiance because the MOO is run out of California?!

You will feel like shit.

It is hard enough for some of our timezone players to find a human to RP with. I will not stand to see them loose even the shallow pathetic interactions that Rychek provides at 4AM when all us GMs are asleep.

A better solution would be to have shifts. TO have more than one NPC. Withmore would be a 24hour society anyhow. But, alas, I do not think the DB can deal with it at this time. Perhaps. Johnny will have to say...

Iga is right, timezones make for the necessity of that happening.

Just think that the stores close, NPCs sleep, while you do too.

[edit] Post made at 4:48 AM MOO time ;)[/edit]

(Edited by Xeethot at 4:49 am on Aug. 31, 2004)

They don't?
Or, you can just accept that Rychek is not a normal person.  He does not need sleep because he is not really a man, he is more of a super man.  If you can't accept this, I feel sorry for you.
Don't you know that there is a whole Cult of super Rychek set up in sewers under the drome? Sheesh.



(Edited by Bias at 5:35 pm on Sep. 7, 2004)

Or he could be addicted to cocaine.
.. he is more of a super man.

I think he was a dragon-man!

Rychek the Burninator!

Burninating the badlands!