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Last-Mile NPC Meta Reduction Ideas
Basic Changes For Tourists/NPCs

Was gonna say this in town hall but I wanted to give it it's own thread.

I'd like to suggest that some time be put in on various memento NPCs both in topside and the mix. At the moment, whether or not you are trying to, it's pretty easy to pick out NPC hoods at very least. If we gave hooded NPC's random gloves, pants and shoes, that would be a great start.

Additionally, it would be great if NPC mementos had a varied set of responses when spoken to, including total silence, different verbal responses, or maybe moving into a random room, or random socials. Also, I still think that I had previously observed NPC's going into bars and buying drinks. I'm almost positive that the change made about a year ago for the gang code might have broken it. I think it might be related to what disallowed looking into bars from outside and may have broken that behavior. I could be totally wrong here. I think npcs in bars like this could help drive ambipop rp.

Also, I think it would be really great if NPC's utilized a variety of unstrippable disguise items (wigs, contacts, makeup, masks) in addition to just hoods and ponchos. As it stands, people who use these without name change tend to stand out somewhat. It would be great if tourists in the mix were using these a lot so that when players use them they blend in more. I would also love it if wigs, contacts and makeup were worn by mementos when they circulated topside too. I think it would make crime a bit easier and meta a bit harder.

Additionally, I'd like to suggest that the number of memento NPC's be increased 50-100 percent if possible (server-wise). Also have their behavior expanded so that they come out of different apartment areas and disappear in apartment areas (if that's not already happening). They have a drastic effect on the feel of the game and help convey how crowded city is. A lot of the complaints I've been hearing about meta for disguising, and small worlding, could be mitigated by increased NPC presence.

They are currently a super cool feature! Think they could be taken to the next level with some more love! Thanks!

I like all of this. +1
The coming-out-of-apartment-complexes thing sounds absolutely brilliant in addition to all of this.