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Let clothes have two colors.
White and Red t-shirt, Pink and Black skirt.

Maybe it's been suggested before, I tried looking and I'm not very good at that.

But it would be really nice if clothes could have two colors, that way you could have a shirt that is white with red details, or a skirt with two-tone colors.

%color1 and %color2 maybe? It might just be a dumb idea, but thought asking dosn't hurt, feel free to slap this into oblivion if it's been asked before.

I think one main color per clothing item highlighted is enough. If the descriptions get flashier than they already are, they will become more difficult to digest.
Every clothing item has to call %color once, but that color doesn't strictly speaking have to the only one, or even really the main one. I think about a quarter of the items I've written are some other color of combination of colors than the actual %color, and some of them aren't colored their %color anywhere through some creative language.

In one case I remember using some complex sentence fragment @worns with @see-thru tags to create two sequential %color tags in a description, but be prepared for no one to read your descriptions out of spite if ever doing this more than once.