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Let's Anonymize Banking
Dark Money Prevails

I think banking should be somewhat anonymized into a account numbers for the purpose of handling financial transactions between parties and corporations. Right now it's using character name and it's kinda ooc.

* Knowledge of someone's bank account number would be hack-able in the new grid and able to be cross referenced perhaps with SIC ID. Probably via tac-comp as well or perhaps as an Ops specific function.

* Corporate accounts should be even trickier but perhaps require Papers of Incorporation to open but added layers of protection.

* Sharing your account number with a corporation for direct deposit in a payment terminal would be beneficial but also open you up to risk as that information would be available to HR.

Launder your money like a corpie or deal in cold hard cash as a mixer.

I love this idea. Numbers would be so much better.

Other banking enhancements I would love to see:

- Multiple accounts per character (at least three).

- The ability to deposit money into any account (assuming this is not already possible)

- The ability to list the last X transactions.

- The ability to grant another character access to an account.

Agreed. The banking system feels like bare bones at times. Would be nice to see those changes down the line.

Definitely would love to see some banking/grid 3.0 integration.

It's possible this exists, and that I've not encountered it.

Be able to generate a cred chip with a fixed amount on it. No record of the account it came from, usable to deposit into another account, or be used as barter as an intact item. IE, someone contracts something for 20K chy, and hands over an anonymous chip to pay for it. That chip can then be used as a different payment to someone else, or put into the contractors account.

* The ability for a hacker to view CredChip transaction records and identify the other CredChip user by either SIC ID or Account # would be interesting.

* Adding notes to transactions would provide the ability to create ledgers and you could theoretically submit corporate expenses corresponding directly to a more audit-able transaction.