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Limit to the length of a description including clothing and accessories
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Akasha

Nobody wants to read 20 pages worth of what a character looks like and what he/she is wearing. Although the players themselves might think the immense detail their clothing has is really cool, the rest of us want to shoot ourselves when reading that. After about 7 lines you will mostly likely give up anyway. So yeah, it's such a waste. And a bother.

So don't fucking look.

Get the dick out of your ear...

Akasha, I see your point here, but agree with Johnny.
Also, I don't think that people necessarily pride themselves on 'how cool their clothing descs are''s more an issue of trying to add detail to their characters and environments. Yes, it gets carried away, but usually if you read it once you don't have to read one's description again, right? We have a small enough playerbase that you usually can tell when people change clothing :)

I agree with the others. There are some people who's descriptions (including description, clothing, and nakeds) are quite excessive, but it's very easy to skim them, especially since things follow the order from top to bottom on the person. If you don't feel like reading, don't look. I've heard people, including myself, comment to said players on long desc's being a little spammy, you're the first I've heard any -complaint- from.

Detail folks, is what -makes- your character.

Detail in your clothes.

Details in your appreance.

Details in how you pose, and act.

They are the glue that bind the bits of whole cloth we've taken to create our characters from.

How many badass solos are out there?

Lots, right?

What sets them apart?


So before you bash folks who have thought through those basic details that describe the first impression the character makes to the world, make sure you understand -why- they exist.

And to paraphrase a few ideas together ...

If you don't like it, read it once, and then don't bother looking again.

Plus sometimes they don't make sense. Like people having katanas but nothing to hold them in. Maybe they have knapsacks.

I love reading long descriptions, cause I like when someone takes the detail to provide me with a clear mental picture of their character.

(Edited by Tylissa at 2:21 am on Mar. 31, 2003)

yeah, like it's said and i'll just repeat it anyways because i feel like it right now....

detials such as mannerismes and physical characteristics, the state of someones clothing, what -type- of clothing they have, scars, wounds, dirt or lack of, accesories, slings, holsters, etc etc...

if done right, that -all- can hint at a chars financial, health and mental state. important info to have for RP no?

it's not all about trenchcoats, @socials and sparring...

(Edited by Bias at 11:32 pm on Mar. 30, 2003)

Mannerisms ofcourse, have no place in a description. If their a mannerism, you should be emoting and posing it. Not having it in a static description.

I don't smile at someone everytime they look at me, and just because someone looks at me, doesn't mean I saw them, so how exactly would I have smiled at them?

This post ofcourse is directed at those persons who put their mannerisms in their descriptions. Naming names would be so uncool, so I won't, you know if your guilty. :)

point taken.

i guess mannerisms isn't the right word for it then.  

i was thinking more about such things as twitches, facial droops, spasms, roaving eyes, teeth grinding ... uhm...  i didn't think it was -that- out of place to have those in a description if it's a constant thing. a smile/frown is more of a facial expression.... hrm...  

*looks over her description*

I'd say mannerisms have every right to be in a good description, everyone has certain mannerisms that are part of their overall appearance, little 'quirks' that make them who they are. Course, now we're arguing semantics, coz what Johnny's really saying is that specific actions shouldn't be included in your description, and they're not mannerisms... but still.

Every character description I've ever had has included characteristic mannerisms... a good desc isn't complete without them.

So what about my favorite example of a manerism in a description: Stuttering.

We have a NPC who's description not only says he stutters, but ANOTHER NPC describes him as having a stutter. Of course it's beside the point that when he talks he never has any problem.

My question is: Should this be changed?

He certianly dosn't stutter every time you look at him...


Well, my 2 chyen say's yes, it should.

Mannerisims that describe actions taken in response to something I don't think should be part of a description.  RP it.

Mannerisms, such as a nervous tic, constantly shifting gaze, things that occur -constantly-, or at least often enough to occur during the few seconds you look at the person should be included.

Yea, I'm with Max, it may not be 100% kosher to do given that the person could be sleeping or even unconcious when you look at them, but at the end of the day it's all about creating depth of character and painting a picture with words. The description should contain things that you would notice about a person while in their company and any number of mannerisms can be included as long as they're well written. Admittedly, someone who "smiles at you" every time you look at them has a badly written desc, but I'd say it's perfectly fine to describe someone as being "of a happy disposition, with a cheerful smile that comes easily to his face". At the end of the day I'd rather see that and have that mental picture in my mind than have a player "RP" his cheerful character by typing 'smile' between every say and pose.

Same goes for the stutter, by including it in the desc we know that the person stutters and it becomes part of the character, removing the need to actively portray the stutter in every word the character speaks. Course, that certainly doesn't mean players shouldn't choose to display a mannerism as a constant thread through their actions, I've seen some very powerfully portrayed characters through such techniques, it just means the choice should be there.

Anyhow, I'm rambling and really the only point is that a well written desc can be a powerful tool in the right hands and I think it's well worth sacrificing the boundries of realism for a greater depth in the reality.

Anybody ever look at Hookie? 'He acknowledges your gaze with a polite nod.'

Rychek says something to you.  I forget what, but its something like "What'll you have?"..  But personally I don't really care that much about it.  If I see something rather odd in a description I merely ignore it and RP with the individual as I normally would, and in consequence, discover if they indeed act the way their description portrays.  Personally its not a big deal to me.  You can put "%N likes to fuck dogs" in your description for all I care.  My character will just not know about it unless it's brought up in RP.

Oh, and I'm thirsty.  :D  G'bye.

I didn't say we haven't been guilty of it :)

Energy is low ... can't ... go ... on.

"Rage subsiding...pulse slowing...anger fading." -Mr. Furious, Mystery Men


I'm saying it doesn't matter if anyone is guilty of it.  Just RP, people!