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Listening Devices

Was thinking that maybe it MIGHT be good if you spend alot of money on creating a "Listening device" that can be hidden in an area and it reports to you like the cm in a way on what goes on, maybe make it report any conversations in that area and if you upgrade it, it can detect and alarm anyone sneaking (example "muffled sounds and creeping steps are heard") or hiding (example "A sound of a person creeping into the shadows is heard") etc; maybe make it hard to get this device, like you have to do a quest for a part of it and such. And/or have someone versed well in electronics to put it together etc;

What do you all think? Good idea? Bad?

These totally exist now.

It's such a good idea that most of it's already in the game.

really? sorry I'm still relatively new so I didn't notice. Thanks for the comments so I now know.