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Lockers for rent
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Orwin

If you push rent on a locker wall and there full then when you 'look locker' should the description not be changed to all the lockers are full in stead of....A wall of lockers, some closed and locked, others available for 'rent'. ? just a thought

I don't know how easy it would be to code two descriptions that change like that...but I guess it would be easy since they are full just about all the time.

(Edited by Molochai at 3:00 pm on Dec. 30, 2002)

arn't lockers schedualed for an overhaul one of these days because they are buggy.. er maybe not buggy.. but.. something icky and unwieldy? (that's what i remember reading)

and i think there is a  description line that exists when there are lockers for rent... which ... heh... yeah, is about as often as it snows on the moon.

Yeah they are really icky....they haven't been cleaned in god knows how long.  Maybe they should send in City Services....they might be able to get the job done with the right number of bug bombs.

I think it sucks that you can forget your code from say dieing, od'ing, drinking too much...etc. Then go to a locker place and have no clue you have a locker but can't rent one. If lockers are omnipotent enough to read you SIC ID or dna....or whatever...they do to realize that you have a locker they should be able to tell you your code everytime you pay the rent on it.

Forget your code, fork over doh.

I think we could use a couple more rentable locker rooms.

I think Xee has a good idea...a couple more seedy places around RED maybe, and then why not some franchise places topside for the corpie's, complete with beautiful buildings, many armed guards, and very expensive fees.

Yar! I agree.. And how bout some kind of security measures to deter the undesirables from using the pretty lockers? i guess thatd be the huge fees?

Haha, the huge fees and the very large Rent-A-Cop's with automatic weapons. I mean, when one of them beats the local Mixer near death (or to death, depending on mood) what's going to happen? Shit, the guard would probably get a raise.

But what if the mixxer beats the rent-a-cops ass? If he is presentable enough, does he get the guards

I think i remember reading a topic about something like this, or maybe having a discussion with someone about it.  I think the reason we don't have more locker rooms, and there is a strictish limit on what you can put IN lockers, is because well, people will hoarde stuff.  

It would also take a bit away from RP, and the flow of stuff because who's going to keep something in there cube or apartment that could be stolen, if they can just stuff everything they own into a bunch of lockers and never worry about getting the stuff stolen..

Easy fix for that.  Let people steal from lockers.

option 1)  If somebody hides near a locker and joe hologram comes up and punches in his code and if the lurker is watching him AND the lurkers peception is high enough, give the lurker the code.  So when joe leaves, bam, instant access and less stuff to worry about being hoarded.  This could already be in place,  I don't know, I haven't tried it.

option 2)  Letting players crack the lockers with security tech skill and a toolkit.  More work for the coders but it would mean more chances for RP. Again this could be in place.  I haven't had the guts (or tools) to try it yet.

also I think they do have a place with security and shit for lockers, at WSB.  Its called a Vault.

Even if you put a pcp roll in there, it would make the game unbalanced.  I mean, anyone who had high perception would be hanging out hidden waiting for people to punch codes into there locker or apartment.  It would be detrimental to RP because you wouldn't be actually roleplaying, you'd be sitting outside a cube idling until someone came along and then you'd idle until they left and then you'd use the code to go in and steal all there shit.

All that idling Instead of trying to bribe someone that knows the code, or getting some chummer together and jumping the guy when he unlocks his cube..

Yeah, screw stats and skills...its all about how resourceful you are...'sides lockers aren't -that- important. You are not what you own. ;)

Option 2 would be preferred.
Of course, all you need is a crow bar and some V and you can pop that pesky lock right off :-)(With proper assistance of course)

    Okay Nemisis, very valid point.  It would be not RP if all they did was hide around lockers and looted when they got the chance.  But can't you search an area before plugging in your code.  That is a little more CP, always looking over your shoulder to see who is watching.  And while a player with a High Perception and a High Hiding skill could still do it, odds are they are an older player who has better things to do with their time.
    Also Forensics could come into play.  I rent a locker, somebody else comes along and steal from me.  I get a friend with a forensics kit to lift fingerprints from the locker and run them thru a contact at WHJ.  Pow, I have a name and then I get my chummers together and we pay him a little visit. or even put a contract out on him.  That is more of an opportunity for RP, not less.

Quote: from Mensaboy on 5:41 am on Mar. 3, 2006[br]And while a player with a High Perception and a High Hiding skill could still do it, odds are they are an older player who has better things to do with their time.

...oh, you'd be surprised.
*end cynicism*

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the room size where the lockers are on Red too small for someone to hide in? Also, I thought it already was possible for people to read your code as you punch it in (don't know for lockers, but for locks). At least, it happened to me and freaked me so bad I was changing the combo everytime I went in and out.