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Brief descriptions when looking

I would like to see brief descriptions (even if just a room name) when looking in a direction. For example, standing at the intersection of New Light Avenue and Soma Street you type 'Look East' the message be displayed "You see New Light Avenue, amongst the crowds of people you see Judge What's-His-Face."

Adding a room name to the description when looking, can help people decide which direction they would like to go before committing to a course. I think this would be a very helpful thing, especially when people are in unfamiliar, potentially dangerous, areas.

Isn't this already in the game, more or less? I could have sworn you could look in directions before to get a brief description of what's in that area...

Swash is suggesting adding the name of the next-over room to what you already do see over there. Which isn't much. It's more in some places than it is in others, depends on the room. If there are vehicles or people (characters), and the seeing conditions and your perception allow it, you could see them. You may see what is really a description on the exit itself, but that isn't truly an attribute of the next room. You never see the name of the room, unless you walk over there.

Which is exactly why I'm not personally too wild about this idea. Just as Swash says, it would influence players' decisions. Not for the better, I'm convinced. If there's an exit which truly has inadequate information on it and people are unfairly losing their characters' lives or something by skipping cluelessly through it, there's a way to remedy that which doesn't involve retrofitting the entire MOO in a way that probably reveals too much in a lot of places. Not all. But some. Some important ones.