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Look at things on TV, chum!
Being able to get descriptions of people/things on live TV

Some TV channels, especially those that happen to be live, still have things and people highlighted in them, as if you were there. But you can't look at things or people 'in' your TV. I think it would be very useful and cool if you could see the details and comment on maybe new looks or if someone's completely changed, et cetera. It's also kind of useful because you should be able to know what they look like, good enough to describe them or notice them on the streets. But you can't 'see' what you're seeing, if that makes sense. Unless someone poses or emotes it.

Not sure if this would be a difficult feature to implement, but I think would be pretty useful and at least a feature that sort of makes sense. Like how you can see things in photographs. Not sure if the channels being live that creates the issue, or something else.

What do you think?