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Look Place
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Drake

There needs to be a way to check your look place, and it should clear itself when you die.

@messages me will show all messages related to your character.
That's kind of spammy though...
Which reminds me...why are there dead stats on the skill list, if we can't pick locks, why is it available for us to waste the UE?
And why can't we pick locks?
because there are no lock picking tools? *pouts*

you don't know HOW many times i typed "pick lock" during the first days... oh who am i lying to... i still do it when bored.

Ohhhhhhh a lock pick set, that would be awesome..

Ohh yeah, and wasn't there something a while ago about killing some skills and reimbursing UE, what ever happened to that?

Hm. �I think lockpicking should be brought back. �Though I know it was removed due to abuse, I think that if implemented right it could work wonderfully. �Maybe make it harder to pick locks than it was before? �Or have higher security than just a doorway for areas that would make sense. �Like guards and stuff. �Just an idea.

And yes, lockpicking tools would be cool. �perhaps a belt that you could keep them in, too? �It'd be used like a holster, but it would only work for stuff related to lockpicking.

(Edited by Aikao at 2:38 pm on Dec. 23, 2002)

In time, all things will come.

Why is Drake only posts to bitch about something hes too lazy to do?

Additionally, if you get your head out of your ass, you'd remember that the game is character based, NOT stat/skill based.

You specify your stats/skills according to what your character IS, not what you can actually do according to coded support. There will ALWAYS be stats/skills that don't have much purpose, but you better damn well have them if you expect a GM to let you do X in a plot driven storyline.

~ J

Lockpicking *could* be balanced, I simple logic!

Your basic lockpick set, used for conventional locks, has *how* many picks? A dozen? Imagine the rarety of a set, and the cost, and the encumbrance - not to mention high illegality. And that's just for simple (and rare!) mechanical locks.

Then you have your keypad locks...what kind of kit would you need to crack one of those? How many tens of thousands would an illegal kit run you? You much would all the tools weigh? Not to mention, what happens if you fail your roll? Automatic shutdown of the keypad system for a few hours? Electrocution? Alarm? Worse?

And then, finally, retinal scanners. How do you spoof one of those short of killing one of the people authorized for it and using their eyeball? What kind of hundred-thousand chyen tools would one need? What would happen if you were to fail? What happens if a Judge sees you with one of those kits?

Then there's difficulty in succeeding in the first place...and maybe one would leave genetic data on the door?

In any event, I think it'd be neat if lockpicking was in, but with heavy, heavy restrictions and consequences.

My 2 cents, CDN.

I probably have a unique perspective from some of the other players on this issue, since I have actually had an electronic lockpick and used it lots of times, until Bishop the pain removed them from the game and then promised to have a new system running within a couple of months (it's now almost two years later mind you), they -were- abused, and they were -damn- hard to get ahold of, and really expensive..ah, those were the days, I actually got hired by a player to use it a few times too.