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Look up
Potential to see people on roofs of buildings

Would be cool to be able to spot people that happen to be on roofs from the street if your perception is high enough when you type 'look up'.
Problem : Is your current vantage actually good enough to see a person? What if that person isn't standing at the edge facing you, but the edge far away from you?
Maybe chance to spot them is drastically increased if they're aiming over the edge with a weapon?
And, if they aren't, chance is super low unless your perception is uber eagle eye mode.
No amount of perception should let you be able to look through walls. Unless accompanied by chrome.

The idea of spotting someone aiming over an edge makes perfect sense though.

At least edges of like, normal-sized buildings should be possible to see. Not a skyscraper, obviously. But a store building, a garage. Etc. +1