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Looking at sky
Look at sky command

How about adding a look at sky command, in the desert you might see the sun and approximate the time and how hot it is, and within city the weather things.

Could be nice to have, no?

Look at the descriptions in rooms.
This will indeed be a thing. More advanced 'look'ing will involve things in space too. :)
You cannot look at the sky, which means you cannot know if it's night time or not without a watch.
This information is tagged at the end of a room's description.
I am interpreting this idea as it relates to be outside the city, but inside the city, you're under the dome and can enjoy the false sky. :)
I always wondered why you can look down in the city between levels but not necessarily up..
You can look up. In some places. It isn't about the sky, but, what you can find when you do it can be fun.
In the city you can 'look up'.