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Lore Pages for @history making!
Helping immigrants start out on the right foot!

In the past, when I was making histories based around characters coming from other countries, there was very little to guide me in what the other country was vaguely like besides some events on the timeline. This has led to conflicts even ICly in those characters and now my current character at times.

I propose various Lore pages like what Shadowrun has done with their wiki, with a brief description of various major cities around the Sindome universe. An example of this would be something along the lines of:

Shanghai, China

Population: 1.2 billion

Major Corps: Viriisoma, New Light Media, Saedor Krupp

Minor Corps (Ideas): Kowaii Karoake Kompany, Club 88 (a chain), etc (these would be to help players have ideas for names of vague corporations in the area)

Major exports/products: Electronics, cars

Major History Events:

Other ideas for add ons could be a variety of speciality crimes for an area, possible weapons bans, maybe even special types of people/animals in the area for inspiration.


Special Crimes: You cannot be naked in public in Shanghai, on punishment of flogging with a wet noodle (silly, but you get the gist)

Special People: In southern china, there is a large population of shorter than average humans who live near the sea

Weapons Bans: Weapons over 6mm are banned except for corporate military use, and cannot be carried off corporate grounds. Blades are also banned, leaving the only weapons available to the majority of the public to be blunt objects and staves.

All of these various components would help someone create a sturdy history that wouldn't later be proven false ICly later due to a change in RP.

Just an idea, but I think it would be a good implementation in the future.