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Lore Wiki Contributors/Contributions
Let's Democratize the Lore Wiki a bit

Another topic I thought of that hasn't been covered much, is how players can contribute to Sindome's wider world, and I'd like to see possible topics about adding or codifying a section of the wiki, just with player based location's based on backstory... With potential dev oversight...

This would be a place where the neo cockney London stuff could go, and the NeoYork lore that I've seen. Hell I'd even contribute some stuff based on my backstory to help if I were able to run it by people and they said yes this is good, or no this isn't cyber punk. Etc etc.

Possibly we could do it as a pass fail monthly list of articles that are then voted, pass fail, by players on or within a page in the wiki. It would allow a lot of player agency over the world itself, but ultimately be optional, it would fill out the world a bit more, and could lead to some crazy kooky fucked uppedly awesome ideas getting out there. And if you get an immy in from a certain section of the world, you can point them too, "Here's an article about the life an times in the medina reclamation zone" or "Here's an idea about the cockney resurgence in London," or even, "Here's an article about miners on asteroids, and all the various mutations they might pick up."

Any thoughts?