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Lost N' Found type thing at WCS
claim your dead belongings

just a thought, but WCS should have a sort of locker type place for those rare instances when a corpse hasn�t been picked over and there�s stuff still on it/beside it/ around it that couldbe claimed by the dearly departed once they crawl out of the vats, maybe for a small fee or something of the sort? it could have its momentary uses� it just seems that a place like that would have a storage area of that type... of course doesn't mean it would be used all that often :P


Or you could profit from it since we pay you peanuts.

But that wouldn't be very fluffy, now would it?

there is profitting and then there is being quite silly... that's all i'm gona say. :)

There is a lost and found box in the WJH on the second floor isn't there? Couldn't WCS people, who are concerned, just put the things in there?

They could, it it wasn't locked.

Why is it locked? Did someone try to put Timmy in it?


Normally I would ask.....but for some reason I get the feeling I don't want to know.