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Impulse Buy leads to lots o flash

Can we have a lotto system?

Have little kiosk in certain stores or bars where you can buy your ticket, and either chose a random set of numbers or pick your own.

Game should be weekly for say 50,000 chyen and a monthly jackpot powerball for more.

Or just lotto scratch offs for less money....

I think this sounds like a reasonable idea. In a society so based around money, I'm sure the corps would love to rake in another source of cash from the sucker citizens.

Personally, I'd say the odds of winning would have to be pretty rough, though. If it were based upon the size of the PC population, the odds of someone winning would be far higher than in the real world, needless to say. I'd make it the waste of chyen that it is for most people, most of the time. :P

Sure, I'll take your chyen. 1 in 65 million chance of winning!
Cool idea! You know what though?

This could be player driven, the hell with coded kiosks.

You know how "numbers" operations work IRL? They're picked daily or weekly based on unpredictable things like sports scores or stock prices or even weather measurements. Deathball scores seem perfect, you're not betting on a team, you're betting on a random number which happens to be generated by a game. Something independently verifiable so that customers don't feel like the game operator is rigging the results.

Anyway, point is, IRL "numbers" rackets are entirely a human exercise which don't depend on any infrastructure or regulation at all (code words meaning "no code"). One reason I love this idea is 'cause it could employ people. Just needs a player with a bankroll and a player to devise the game. Maybe the same person, maybe not. As long as someone can plan a profitable game, someone should be willing to bankroll it.

I'd contend that a PC run racket might be appropriate for the lower sectors, and really, quite thematic. It's difficult to imagine how many people in Red's virtual population are running con jobs and street gambling.

The higher sectors should be able to stop their limo at the local Kwik-E-Mart and burn chyen on a bet. I don't think the end result displayed necessary has to be a kiosk beeping 'you are a winner,' but the corpers like their sleek convenience.

Going ever so slightly off topic ,

For some reason (probably because my head is broken and replays 80's classic movies on loop) this whole thing makes me think of the original Running Man and Total Recall and their futuristic TV ads.

Something that i would expect to see on the TV would be mad mini games shows like 'Climbing for dollars' and other mad adverts like that Guy from robocop who kept saying 'Id buy that for a dollar'. (heck just look at the IRL TV we already have in the UK/US/Europe we are nearly there already) I know there is already the Deathball and UMC fights and also loads of sic ads and such.. but there could also be a place for a specific gambling style show maybe something like Loto tv show or similar style betting thing beyond the UMC fights or Deathball fights. that's interspersed with like other random events that non fighting character can get involved in.. heck pitting immies against each other for climbing for dollars type thing to get them to earn enough chyen to get out of red and get that cushy doctor or scientist job on gold..Make it a more all encompassing event that anyone can volunteer to enter..and get a big draw event that gets more people on at the same time..

Some studio thing where corpies could be seen preening and pomp'ing in the audience or getting into the swing with private parties and placing bets via their fixers and whilst the riff raff mixers do more sort of street side betting .. big boards.. someone shouting odds... scuffle,s fights etc etc..

just thinking out loud again...


This is an IC idea. Tell someone ICly. The boards are for OOC ideas (like creating the lottery). An idea for a 'game show' or IC 'game' has no place on the BGBB. It can already be accomplished in character.