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Macros and timers
for those times it gets tedious


So it'd be really neat if we could set randomised timers on some macros. This would be really useful when, for example, you have to type repeated commands into the game. Of course, you could enable/disable them from within the macros menu, meaning that they wouldn't keep on and on and on and on and on...

It would also probably be a good idea if you could only set values greater than a certain number for the randomiser minimum and maximum (I'm thinking no zeros?).

Don't know if this is possible, or if it is, whether it'll be useful to anyone, but I thought it'd be quite good and interesting.

The problem here is that if you make things automated in the game. This encourages players to not be at their keyboard while logged in. Then you also run into the issue of someone coming along and wanting to RP with your character while they are on 'autopilot'.

This is not a grind to level type of game. The only thing that is that repetitive that I can think of right of the bat is an entry level working position meant for newbie characters just so they can afford to buy drinks. If you are here to RP and play the game, RP and play the game, don't let macros do it for you.

Stop being lazy! :P

Ok, that gives me an idea of how useful it'd be. Sorry, I'm always coming up with new ways things can be done, etc, etc. Ignore me in future! :P

I also asked for more powerful features in @macros when I was a new player, before I became admin.

Features like, let @macros take arguments so you could do something like:


It was explained to me that making @macros into what amounted to a programming/scripting language would turn the game into a contest of who was the best programmer.

~pwn <someguy>

Fair point there. It wouldn't be about the combat any more, it'd just be who could do the best macros. Alright, just thought I'd enquire

I do use macros for some pre-defined list of commands like dressing up or armoring up.

another is putting my code to the flat in a macro so I go ~flat and it punches it in and opens the door

Other was to quickdraw... ~draw would open the holster and get weapon from holster

I unstash, answer, hangup and stash my phones with macros (automated ones, so it happens when mine rings or when the other person hangs their end up)

I use them for automatically looking into certain doors while I happen to be walking past. See who's in there.

I use one to quickly blank my @look_place when I want to. And I have another one for doing a simulaneous pose/@lp-set in certain situations. Neither of these are automatic.

What else... I have others, too, which aren't coming to mind right now. I've used them for undressing and dressing in the past. Not lately.

Oh. Of course. Switching SIC aliases rapidly. I mean. Who doesn't do that.