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Macros with arguments

It'd be neat if you could create macros that have variables built into them! It'd be really handy for making your own custom directed emotes at the very least, or if you wanted to quickly clear your SIC tag and quickly switch to a new alias that you specify!

You could perhaps specify the argument in the macro itself with some placeholder like "%arg", which gets replaced with whatever you follow the macro command with. So, if you wanted a macro that makes you point dramatically at someone (let's call it "~dramapoint"), you could have it as:

.strike a pose and .point dramatically at %arg

And then when you type "~dramapoint Steve", you'd get:

"You strike a pose and point dramatically at Steve."

It could also help for shortening commands: I.E., "drive katana to %arg" could be mapped to "~d", shortening the command for driving your motorcycle to "~d w w n e" to drive west, west, north, east, etc. instead of having to type the entire phrase every time.

I get that macros are supposed to be pretty bare-bones, so I understand if this is asking a bit much, but it's a little piece of functionality that I find myself wishing I had access to when thinking of what macros would make life a little easier for me.

Not sure whether on the BGBB or not, but Johnny has said No to this previously.

The argument was sort of that that would too easily turn some parts of this game into a contest between who could program macros better. Something like that.

I tried to write a macro to get something from something, and caused an infinite loop and it got automatically turned off. :(

Yeah, I debated not posting this at all, since I was pretty sure that more macro functionality was out of the question. But I didn't want to have all that time spent typing this post go to waste or something???