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mag lev
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Franklin

How about we have a times list on the stations at the mag lev? I know I have asked more than once where the mag lev was and it would be nice for there to be just a times list on the wall or at a counter for anyone to look at.

What you mean wheres the lag-lev at?  It takes awhile for it to get around on its route.  You probably just keep missing it, which means, Yeah.. you got to wait 15 minutes.  I'm not sayin' a count down wouldn't be realistic or helpful.. just saying that asking where there at isnt really going to help... its not like a bus, where the driver stops if he has too.. there at each station for a set amount of time..
I'm gonna rip them out and put the gay transit busses back you all hated. Quit fucking asking for me to work on shit that WORKS JUST FUCKING FINE.