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Mag-lev Card
I am not mad... honest.

Simple really.

The ability to buy a mag-lev card from a terminal on the stations platforms. 1000 chyen or something for a week of free mag-lev travel.

See an entire post without rabblings.

This has been talked about in many forms.

Mostlikely, we'll just get rid of the chyen based fee and make it charge your SIC account.

Then only real citizens can ride the rails.

Then how are newbies gonna get to Gold to get their SIC?

Hmm..maybe make a SIC installation clinic on Red?

Personally I never understood why the implant clinic was on Gold.  With SIC's being mandatory you'd figure it would be at the gate.  Come in, surrender your clothes and personal belongings to customs (Or how ever we explain how people bring in things from home.) and get implanted on the spot.   But as for now the newbs can take the sewers just like everyone else!

Quote: from allandra on 11:48 pm on June 14, 2002[br] � But as for now the newbs can take the sewers just like everyone else!

Yeah, but that doesn't make much sense, ICly. All these new citizens having to trudge through the sewers? The WJF Guards and corpies standing there, viewing the shit-covered and thoroughly freaked-out trickle of people in sullied immigration jumpsuits coming out of manholes?
I can think of a perfectly good reason for Westside Elective to be on Gold..probably, it isn't intended to just implant SICs. Judging from the TV ads and the desc of the implant room, I'm betting that there's gonna be a cyberware clinic eventually. And there's a crapload of expensive equipment in there, probably millions of chyen worth, and Gold is a good compromise between security and accessibility for the company. They have the WJF all over the place, and it's one 'Lev stop from Red. Putting that much costly technology on Red would lead to gangs storming the place and stealing everything that isn't bolted down, to fence at the market or wherever.

Just because it could be used for implants doesn't mean you couldn't get a chip on red also.  Why not have two grades of chip, like one that just lets you have it, and you can use public and move around, and then an upgrade for a small fee to use a private messege.  You get the first on red as you come in, free. The second on gold with other cyberware.

Let's just get rid of it all together.

It's stopping me from killing you all!

Seriously though... the Public SIC makes little or no sense in my view. If there are meant to be 60million people in the city, all who should have a SIC, if 1% of those people all use the public sic at the same time, it'd be like trying to pick out what one person said in a crowd of people all talking at once. You'd go insane, or your brain would just overload or something.

Private SIC is fine, though, I do think there should be massive blackspots in signal all over the dome, interference from all kinds of stuff.

SIC's are now implanted to immigrants when they come into the city.

In addition, the character's full name is demanded by the guards, so newbies will have their real names set from now on.

For those players who only see their username at the top when they type @stats, feel free to xhelp and tell us what your character's real name is and we'll set it for you.

[admin] or drop me a moo mail to set it [/admin]

Will there be a way you can change your name then?

ICly I mean.

Uhm, sorry about the double post.

I just wanted to say I like this idea. The card sounds good to me.