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So I was talking to an admin today while they were awesome enough to show me around my new city, and we were on the T, and it reminded me of our very own Mag-Levs. He started talking to me about how he thinks the levs could be improved. I did a little digging around on the site, but couldn't find anything saying what he thought was a good idea. Anyway, here it goes:
So what if we had four lines, one that would circulate RED, one for GOLD, and one for GREEN. For instance the one that was for GOLD would travel to only Soma Station and New Light Station. Then the fourth rail would travel to a hub station, like we'll say Ashlin, Soma, and Cordoba. This would make the mag-levs more efficient.
I don't know if this idea would be implemented, but after being around and being on trains and what not for a while I never realized how efficient they can be. Anyway, it's an idea.
I'd love to see the trains reworked.  I like the idea of having an express train to take you from level to level without stopping at several stations at the same level but I don't see much use for having separate rails for just red or gold considering it's often faster to walk between soma and new light than to ride the rails.  Something I think would really help add to RP is have train schedules and charts.  Any train you ride today has a map of its rail so you can plan your trip accordingly.  I think it's silly for somebody on red trying to take a train to gold to have to sometimes take the scenic route through green.  Having a chart telling you what trains are going in what direction would really help.  The number one change I could think of making though is having a train schedule.  I've always wanted to be able to look at my watch and realize I need to go because my train leaves in five minutes.  Then if you get your timing down you don't have to sit around forever waiting for a train.  The train should be meant for casual, economic rides when you aren't in a hurry.  If you need to be someplace quick you can always call Chex and pay to get there in no time.  You get what you pay for, if you want to save a hundred chy on your trip, you need to plan ahead and follow the trains schedule and not yours.
It would be really funny if, after waiting 15 minutes for the lev, one just whizzed through the station because it was so jam packed.

Right right?

Thats the express train not stopping for you! Damn, I must have came to the wrong station.
It's all about the introduction of Wonka-tech great glass elevators... makes far more sense in the tiered dome than helter-skelter train lines. ;)
The levs actually circle the core (central district) of each level, spiraling up and down on either side of the circle. Almost like a big, fat, double helix that connects at both ends (but doesn't have the 'ladder rungs'). It's a very logical design for a domed city. The trains circle the route in opposite directions (parallel tracks) and we limit it to 2 trains and have the pauses we have specifically to balance the metro with other modes of transportation.
Quote: from Lillith on 12:00 pm on June 26, 2008[br]It would be really funny if, after waiting 15 minutes for the lev, one just whizzed through the station because it was so jam packed.

Right right?

Mixer walks in from the south.
Mag-Lev shuttle B2 comes rushing in with a gust of air.
Mag-Lev shuttle B2 sails off down the track, not stopping at the station.
Mixer thinks . o O(Fuuuuck.)
Judge walks in from the south.
Mixer falls to the ground in an unconscious heap.

Yeah, that'd be pretty cool

When fleeing from the law, you depend on the mag lev for your escape, you deserve to die :)
To be honest, it wouldn't be the first time i've seen people try it. Back before cars or taxi's everyone did it and got away with it. The key is just being a smoooth operator.
Out of curiosity, do the mag-levs go in different directions?
Sweet, muchos gracias.