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Maglev Cards
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Akasha

What if there was a flat weekly or daily fee for riding the maglevs? It would make things a lot easier.

it'd be cool if you could purchase the cards and carry them on you.  Then people could swipe them from you and other neat stuff.  Also, people that would rather face the horrors of the sewer than actually pay for transportation wouldn't have to pay for something they wouldn't use.  And if they -do- need to use it on occasion, you could have the normal 45c payment still work..  hm..  say if you purchase a card with 10 or so uses on it (or however many you want), you could charge a few chyen less for each ride than the normal 45c.  That would give peoeple incentive to purchase cards.  Ah well..  just my rambling on the subject.  w00t.

I think I remember Johnny posting something on an earlier similar idea, except he said something about having it charged to your SIC account (if I remember correctly). I thought that was cool.

Way back in the dawn of time there were plans to release metro passes. This was back in the days of the old 'shuttle' system before the maglevs were brought on stream. They would be sellable via players ect.

SIC is probably the way it will go now. We are moving more and more to use SIC as the 'commonly excepted form of biometrics' in Withmore (Kev dropped that phrase the other night.)

Basically, having a SIC gets you access to a tonne of shit, not having it sucks. Getting it pulled makes your life a potential nightmare as all your Bank accounts, Lev passes, ect. become unaccessable to your new and or missing SIC implant.

The upsides, of course, are that you are virtually untrackable to the 'system' and you don't have horrid chater in your head, and you are totally off the 'grid' mentally. Which is a very powerful tool.

Anyhow, yeah. Metro passes. They have been looked at in the past, and will probably be put into the game eventually, they just are not a very high priority item.

That made me think...

Not saying there isn't a way to do it, SIC implants should be removeable, like eyes.  You could knock someone and steal the SIC implant and make there life shit like that.  They'd  have to get a knew one, but then it would be a different serial number an ohhh what fun it would cause.

how about total dismemberment? :P

-Bob here, wire us the chyen in 2 hours or we start sending you toes!
-i don't like toes.
- fine... ears then.

SIC implant blackmarket? SIC rippers? people being ambushed in alleys for their implants...
ouch... that would hurt.

SIC implants without a criminal record or your money back?...

*wanders off juggling eyeballs*

I think SIC implants should be removable, but I don't think there should be much use in robbing people of them, unless, say, you want to steal their identity over SIC.  If you could steal SICs and then sell them to people cause they don't have criminal records, you'd have people killing newbies the second they walk into the dome.  Brand new implant, no record, shit like that.    Which would suck.  If I had walked in the door, gotten an implant I just got ripped out of my spine, I never woulda play SD again.  Just my opinoin, correct it if it's wrong.

Well, unless I'm mistaken, newbs have a little protection thing.  If you try to attack someone still under protection, it'll tell you that you can't.  I could be wrong, but that's how it used to work...

heh i wasn't suggesting that the whole robbing people of their SIC implant should be possible. i was just wandering down a path of how interesting crime would be in such a world :P

and... you can't kill a newbie? i did not know that. i swear i've seen/heard of newbie chars getting killed in their first few days....

maybe i'm just getting senile in my old age.

They can be killed, but as far as my knowledge reaches, they have to do one of a few things to get this grace period cut short...rob/attack/kill/etc, you get the idea.