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make character death ue persistent

The change I mean by this is that instead of using the UE bonus from your literal last character it should use the highest UE bonus that you've earned thru a character's death. I.E. if you've played five characters, but on your third one you played for two years, that is the character your UE bonus is calculated by on all your characters in chargen going forward.. If there are issues of balance, you could cap this bonus at a certain UE value, if not already done.

Sometimes it takes a couple characters before you get one you're set on. It sucks losing that bonus, big or small. You worked for it, you survived Withmore and contributed your story. Why lose it if you want to recreate? Those players who stuck around for a long time are familiar with the theme and are proficient at creating RP. It's arbitrary to punish them for wanting to experiment with different concepts and die a couple times after playing the same character for years.

From the help ue file, it looks like you get 10% of your UE from all previous characters up to a maximum of 330. So it wouldn't matter if you had a small character after a large one because the UE is all added up for the bonus. At least that's how I read it.
Yes, this idea was posted before the change went in to include all characters in death UE.
Ah cool. Nice to know the change got put in then :)