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Make it easier for newbies
not too easy, but not infuriating

Right I understand its not supposed to be easy, but there is only so much aggravation someone can take when something just isn't fun any more.
After being a member of certain other cyberpunk moo's for a while (although haven not really played in months thanks to university) I thought I would give the other side a try.
After spending a good few hours thinking up some character which might have a chance of being interesting, eventually getting logged in to be told I can't do anything without a history. Ok makes sense but I'd rather have got that out of the way before getting in the game to be honest, would have saved me a lot of time in the long run, pretty much spent the next two days writing that and redoing it because it apparently wasn't good enough, till I finally think I've got something which has a chance of getting through.
So I go to bed, wait through most of the next day and then decide to explore a bit while I wait, but oh no I guess it didnt seem that rats would be sitting on a pedestal above the roof of a building. So there we go one character dead after basically 3 whole days dedicated to getting it off the ground to be killed by rats sat on a pedestal on a roof for some obscure reason which to this day makes no sense to me.

After a few hours I decide that it might be worth the effort to try again, I spend a good 30 minutes looking at a list of names to find a nice one. Then sit back and decide a history. Create and submit it to be told it needs meating up a bit more, ok yeah I can live with that it was a bit brief if I'm honest, so after a good nights sleep I came up with some nice advancements to my character and add them, resubmit to be told sorry its too much like your old character even the name is similar please read the rules.

..... I did read the rules and especially noted that one in question, its not the same its quite different actually, yes the name might be similar but thats subjective if I'm honest and just down to my personal taste in names. Anyway theres only so many ideas I can have in less than 24 hours so of course theres going to be some cross over, if I force myself to go out of my way and make this character as different from my one that got killed off for stupid reasons before it even had a chance then I'll just end up with some dull waste of time that in the end isn't going to add anything to the game because I'm not going to enjoy being behind it because it will have just been forced in to existence.

Of course this wouldn't be a problem at all if sindome had some newbie safety net like first character you ever make gets a free clone (like some other mud has) so if you do make some mistake like not knowing rats sit on platforms on roofs then its not the end of it all.

There are sewers overhead bro.
I found that out with my first character(s) too.
Stick it out, once you get past that stuff it gets good.

well yeah I know that now. Maybe I'll kill this one off seen as theres no pleasing the admins with it and try again in a week or something.

Something that might help you out is if you ease your way into the game during your first week while you have the safety net of the coffins available. As tempting as it is to go gung ho and try to learn the entire city layout in your first day of play, this is probably not the best move. There -are- dangers out there and in all fairness it�s supposed to be a rather large, seething mass of unforgiving humanity that eats up and spits out immigrants like a bad tempered shark. Some of these dangers are quite obvious when you read the room/area descriptions and use a bit of common sense and some are surprising and you stumble upon them and a goat lunches on your colon. The end. Happens to the best.

Spend the time without a history by talking to people, or if your char is the strong and silent type, listening to others talk. Ask questions. Stay out of dark alleys till you feel you can run away from or judo chop whatever�s lurking there. If the world seems deserted this could mean you need to park your chars butt in a spot that sees a bit of traffic and wait for someone to pass by while you the player do something else on the computer. Or you could attempt to play around with some solo, story-telling RP to try and define your char, their mindset and mannerisms. Maybe a GM will notice what you�re doing and jump in. Maybe not. Truth is, if you want instant action then SD isn�t the place to be unless you�re lucky and login at the perfect moment.

So, despite the cutthroat secretiveness and backstabbing that goes on Icly, players tend to be very open to newbs because we �want- them to stick around. And so we will share info in a conversation about the more obvious dangers like rats, and gangers and heights and the perils of security systems. I hope we would, if the RP fits of course. So this openness is even more evident when the newb tries to get this type of info ICly via conversation, RP ect ect moo.

Blind exploring can get you killed. That�s a risk you have to take.
Good luck with the history though and I hope you stick it out. (Borrow from some of your favorite movie/book/game characters if you need. And remember, everything can be tailored to a CP storyline with a bit of tweeking.)

(Edited by Bias at 10:50 pm on May 16, 2004)

Yeah I know its not about instant action (I'm more in to the non-combat RP side of things anyway) and I was reading room descriptions but didn't expect them to be on the roof :). Well I thought stairwell on the map implied a stairway up to gold which I was curious about, erm obviously not though haha.

Trust me I think everyone's been through at least a couple short charcters. I had 2 like that... (note when the room description says unstable footing it's not just for looks, heh.) and the third has gone pretty well so far.  

There is a method of protection for noobs that has annoyed me. (but in the end is a good thing anyway) If you don't initate combat, (or steal too I think)  than you cannot be attacked for a certan number of days.  There is also an IC way to walk into the dome brand new and have a clone in like 15 minutes as long as you can figure it out.

in any case Yeah we love to expand the playerbase so stick with it and I personally look forward to RP'ing with ya!!!

I didn't initiate combat to my knowledge :( or does that just apply to players not npc attacking you. Guess i'll have to figure out the clone thing hehe. I'll try another character tonight.

I started out with a char, he died quick.  I didn't read the rules, and created another char with a similar name, (Say.. Nemisis and Nemisiz) he jumped off a building when the admin found out.  Then there was another one that started a fight with a ganger.. he died.. then there was another one that I think got killed by rats... then I had one that finaly lasted, but he finaly got killed by rats too.  Then I stoped playing for awhile.. and came back.  I wrote histories for all of them.. except for the last one.. I'd say less then 24 hours for each.  

But thats how I learned about what kind of game I was playing..