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make maps OOC for newbies.
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Christian

Guess suggesting making maps OOCly available for newbies.. Poor newbies.

There's the 'map' command, which if newbies ever read the help they would know about. And there's the maps on the web site. And mention of how to get to the important places in @newbie. And the grid has even more detailed maps.

But the real layout of the city is IC information, and part of the fun of playing a new game is going through the 'exploring phase'. Newbies have 2 sets of maps avalible to them right out of the door, and another becomes avalible once they get on the grid.

So, what exactly are you suggesting we do, and why? Tell the newbies to read the help and the website? I mean I understand providing information for the newbie, but sometimes they gotta take just a little bit of initiative. Besides, learning to take some initiative will go far to helping them in the game.


Phase 3:

Replace sentient interactive components with automated 'near-sentient' digital instances...