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Makeup coverup
Using makeup to hide injuries

I've not had that many run-ins with makeup IG, so maybe this exists, but I doubt it. What I'm proposing is simple in theory but god knows how simple in application: using makeup (that is, foundation) to hide injuries. Not cuts or shit like that, but bruises, swelling, anything that hasn't broken the skin. Maybe youre a joy or dancer who wants to hide your bruise from your patrons. Maybe you're someone who's gotta remain presentable, and a huge welt on your face doesn't help with business.

Keep in mind, I have little to no experience with how healing objects work. Do they heal the bruise or cut and make it go away? I don't know. But if they don't, this would be an interesting way to cover up a bruise, especially with the introduction of skin colors, so you'd have to buy foundation in the same color as your skin. Maybe some skill factors into whether you apply it correctly, similar to disguising (I think)

Just a little idea, not at all urgent.

I had the same thought. +1
I have a feeling that there's some coded reason this would be difficult, but on the off chance that it's not, it'd be cool.