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Making voice more evocative
A simple way to make *voice* more expressive


*voice* now includes -Tone-, -Drawl-, -Cadence- Et cetera.

That got me thinking of a very simple change with plenty of writing potential:

What if voices could be treated the way spoofing is?

I.e. they work as long as it contains one of those key phrases, voice, drawl, tone, cadence, somewhere within it, not just at the end.

For example:

*in a gruff tone, rich with Japanese accent*

*In a grumbling cadence that's nearly incomprehensible*

*in a thickly accented voice full of chipper giggling*

I think it could help make voices more custom and more evocative without making them any more confusing, since they would still need to include one of the existing key phrases, and they're framed by *asterisk*

Let me know what you think!

I think that would be great! If your character has a happy voice, you want to do something when life dumps on them. Control of how you sound would be very cool just as control of how you look would be.