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Malls as Markets
Get lost in the Cordoba Mallplex

So I was thinking, there are a lot of stores in malls, and it seems to me like only a fraction are coded instead of ambient. So, I had an epiphany. What if you coded malls, specifically parts of the Mallplex, to use the same code as the markets? Instead of browsing stalls, you could make it look like you're browsing different little shops. This would make it so that topside fixers wouldn't have to go all the way down to Red to use their Trading skill, they could just get lost in the seas of people in the mall instead, and it would be fitting for the diversity of products available in the place.

This is a good idea but conflicting.

Naturally, there are other ways the trading skill comes into play but I do enjoy that to go to a market - you need to head to RED. It is one of a few things which make Red Sector a destination particularly for any fixer. I'm not sure that should be changed.

The entire nature of "fixing" is black-or-gray market, illicit, exclusive, or otherwise non-retail connections. "Fixing" is not simply doing the shopping for someone who doesn't have the time, the balls, or the talent to do it for themselves That's "trading", "dealing", or just "gofering". Browsing markets and potentially using stats and skills in order to try to buy at marginally better prices than some other charmless baka sucker, and then sell-high to same, is not "fixing" either. Finally, a "topside fixer" is just a fixer, there's no such thing. But maybe they have a faceman for reeling in, or pushing to, the topsiders.

With all that in mind, the idea of hiding normal stores in a challenging layout does seem valid. Not for any buying advantage, but just to add something to the experience.