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Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Jesse

I dunno if this is possible or already available, but I was thinkin about amputatio. Like if someone was to get shot in the arm or leg, and if it was severe, we could amputate the appendage and then from then on they wouldn't have that appendage. They couldn't hold two items, if it was there hand or arm, or they'd have to buy a wheelchair, crutches, or even artificial apendage if it was there leg. It was just a thought, i dunno.

Long, long ago, there was limb loss.

The problem was without a unified action system (like the one we implemented recently) it became a monumental task to keep the code up to date with regards to the -effects- of amputation (the most important part).

And so the limb loss code lapsed into disrepair, and was deactivated, and has not been refactored since.

It is, however, on the list.


I don't -think- the limb loss code was ever actually implemented in the game... what there is was coded before I even became admin, not completed and abandoned when the admin responsible (Dakkon?) departed. I know Damon toyed with it when he worked on combat and several admin experimented with blasting limbs off errant players, aside from that it was never used... unless it's been used since I left, but that wouldn't qualify as a long long time ago?

That said, there is (was?) alot of associated legacy code in place. Weapons already associate values to define their chance of removing/disabling a limb.

There should also be some ropey coverage for limb stuns (dead arm!), broken/disabled limbs and complete severence.

Should be easy to implement with the action unification system in place.