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Medical appointments
Pretty simple

I saw that the clinics usually have completely empty appointment schedules.

How about making random time slots become occupied by ambience populace? This should be more noticeable in Red and would:

A. Show that hospitals are badle overwhelmed and understaffed in Red.

B. Give a clear incentive for mixers to search for private doctors or topside appointments at hospitals.

How does that sound? Hmm?

While I do like the intent behind this idea, the problem I see with it is that random "fake" appointments that the player do has no control over would get in the way of actual RP. Now, if the player or a GM wanted to put in fake appointments when the player is not actually available to make the clinic seem busier, that could be cool.

I would say the same thing about appointments for NPC docs. Give them fake appointments when there isn't a GM around to puppet them.

Personally, I don't see a benefit to this apart from in an ambience sense. Unfortunately due to the way GMing works around our real lives, there isn't a 'block' we could set this to that would work, and because we're dealing with timezones across the globe, it would be easy to exclude availability for an entire area.

I unfortunately don't see the positives in terms of ambience overriding the negatives here. Though this is only my personal opinion on it based on what I know (and not necessarily the view of the whole admin group)


You could maybe add ambient appointments, but with an option to pay... say 500 extra chyen to be able to bump them off the list and take their spots. I think that adds several very thematic things: 1. the hospitals are busy 2. money talks 3. the hospital (as a business) is more interested in making a profit than actually helping people. 4. One person gaining means someone else is losing, and in the end, both really lose a bit and corps gain that much more.

Might be a bit of a pain to properly implement the displacing feature, but I think it would be doable at least.