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Please make it use disguise code like makeup

[+][OOC-Chat] Staff Just Johnny: someone find the metachrosis post and request we update it to account for new features like lipstick, wigs and skintone.

[+][OOC-Chat] Staff Just Johnny: I will forget.

There's no post, so here we go!

I also think the "%N's skin does not look right" blurb when it's not active should include, "The color seems like it's been sapped out of %p complexion, leaving %o with an unnatural pallor."

I honestly don't think it should show an indicator at all. Dermalweave makes sense to show the change because of what it does, but never quite understood why metachrosis does based on what it does.
If the intent is to disguise yourself, then having a giant "I AM DISGUISING MYSELF" blurb kind of defeats the point.

Same goes for wigs and lenses which don't obey @skintone.

Vera, there is a LP message very similar to what you are suggesting that occurs during the process, but then goes away. I agree that it would be better than the generic "Doesn't look right".
I love love love the concept of this nano but have to agree with YNK here. As much as I'd like to rely on other people not to meta about this sort of thing, it's really hard to ignore in situations where you feel you might be getting conned. I'm not sure what the extent of the conversation was on OOC-Chat regarding activation/non-activation messages for skin. It's hard enough to pull off with wigs/contacts as-is.

If this nano was boosted to help with disguise without it being blatantly obvious to others when you have it, it would be a 100% staple for me. I think it's super bad-ass theme wise too.

Perhaps it can get a bigger debuff for the stats it debuffs? I'm not entirely sure how it works but if it could be made more viable (compared to the other no-brainer ones) I'd be over the moon. I'm all for debuffs if this gets stronger!

Can you imagine getting conned into letting in a fake new hire into a secure location? OOCly undetectable metachrosis skin, wig, and lenses...

Con me please. That would be gorgeous.

This is discussed in further detail here as well:

I think Ephemeralis summarizes it best with his comemnt: "This would be sick if it like, allowed you to ICly alter skintone on the fly and attain a passive first-level disguise a la hairstyler stuff via a coded toggle. You're definitely not going to recognize your chum on the street if he's changing his skin colour and hair colour on the fly via what is essentially chameleon mods."

This combined with the anonymized surname camouflaged i.e. a camouflaged bakalaka has been the discussed solution on ooc-chat. Factoring disguise in is a curious proposition. I like the idea of the @describe of the cyberware to not be visibile IF you use it to change your skintone but there should to be a "tell" in my opinion - the eyes strike as the most obvious. Maybe everyone who gets this nano has cat eyes, snake eyes, or whatever...something easily concealable with contacts or mirrorshades but a sort of foic sop for corpsec/wjf to check with high risk personnel. I'm also not entirely against having it be only detectable via the hella underused nanogenic scanner.

@Malakai and BigArg:

Metachrosis depigments your skin when not active. It is intentional that people who have it look weird all the time. I believe there are some associated stat changes, and the @lp at the end can be cleared but does not go away any more than someone looking muscular after they get muscle grafts does.

And I'm not just pulling this out of my ass, I wrote a lot of this stuff.

Hate to double post, but in Sindome lore there is no conscious control over nanogenics. They just passively mutate you. However just as Metachrosis "turns on" when you hide it could similarly activate when you were disguising yourself and the same secret IC explanation would cover that use case.

Whether you imagine that as someone's skin shifting to try to look like the people around them or the pattern/pigmentation just making them colored like the background and hard to ID is up for debate.

Totally, I agree. I was just saying that the LP message would be better than the generic "Doesn't look right" because it provides a little more context.
Yeah. People see "does not look right" and generally assume you have a different nano on which is :( especially since that one is ugly
I'm honestly all for pretty much any kind of rework this can get. I think it's one of the coolest concept for nanos but currently doesn't hold a candle to a lot of the other ones. It's themely as fuck and I'd be really pumped to see it getting more use, especially if the disguise angle contributes to more subterfuge/espionage.

I like the suggestion of having the eyes be a tell, which could be covered with contacts.

@Vera Having that one should be flexing that you're a badass or at least wanting to be one. Metachrosis should be just like how it's intended for, to not be noticed.
It's for not being noticed when you're trying to sneak around.

Not for not being noticed slamming down brews in the pub.

Your character has taken a nanogenic to massively mutate the largest organ on your body. Just because a lot of people don't tend to play up the effects of their other nanogenics doesn't mean that you should not be doing so, in my mind. If you get muscle grafts, your character should look physically buff even if they might not be the strongest chum on the yard. People with synaptics can role play being extremely dexterous, or with pheromones, alluring.

I don't think we should be taking steps to lessen the potential for RP around people's chrome and cyberware, rather, we should be encouraging people to do more to that end as I mentioned above. Cyberware is flash, cyberware is cool, and I like to ICly take opportunities to talk up people having things that are not aesthetically pleasing, such as dermalweave, because even though you're butt-ugly, armored skin is novahot!

Metachrosis is meant to represent the bleeding edge of what science is capable of and definitely comes at a cost.

Plus looking all pale and weird is cool. Style over substance, chummers.

@vera and @talon

I get that. but something that is meant for subterfuge but being visibly seen by anyone that looks at that character because it can't be hidden in a way that would feasibly work just doesn't sit right with me one it's usage. You getting your face punched in by someone with the other is not so uncommon, but you're spot got broken into an you talked to someone with depleted pigment skin a few days ago..

There is just too much meta from my take on it, and non-combat primary characters have enough to deal with already. I'd be curious if the admins took a look to see how much of the player base may be using it as opposed to the nanos and cybernetics that you can hide.

Someone claiming that it bad to be a random metachrosis guy that robbed him is exactly as nonsensical and against the rules as someone assuming a random combat character committed a murder.