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Metal Materials
That's *so* brutal!

So here is the idea which isn't "new" it just hasn't been posted on the forums.

Some other player said they were going to post it but they must have forgotten.

Anyways, the idea is adding a metal materials dispenser like we already have for fabrics. So that players can craft their own piercings and jewelery without there being any IC contradictions. At first glance it doesn't seem like it would be something too difficult to implement in game, but there might be more important things on the to do list.

As of right now, most people either make these item form fabrics (IC contradiction) or they write them in their @nakeds which apparently is not 'okay' but there is not enough time or resources to monitor and examine each particular case.

So with the dispenser, players finally can get what they want without breaking any rules and the staff doesn't have to monitor anyone. Win win.

Thanks for reading.