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Mirror, mirror, on the wall...
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Louis

What about creating an area with a mirror, like at Nexus or in the bathroom at the Drome. It would allow newbies like myself to practice their skills without risking looking like a fool. I know this is low priority... perhaps not even worthy to be put on the waiting list to get on _The_ list. But I've seen them in other MOOs. I could try to find the code for it if everyone else is busy :)

What do you think, Sirs?


"I think it's most unfair to suggest that judges are like whores. I earn an honest living, unlike these judges. Further, we have certain standards of behaviour, not like these judges whose corruption, perversion and depravity have got no limit. I mean, there are certain things we won't do, but is there anything a Malaysian judge won't do to convict an innocent person?"

Well..'look me', is a good place to start.

Though to be honest you really need to flesh that idea out a bit, since that's all I picked up from it.


Please forgive the vagueness of my @idea... Vodka rarely makes things clearer, except screwdrivers.  I just think it would help newbies work on their posts, not to mention helping tailors with their @owear's and the like, if they had a mirror that would repost what other players would see.  I know it is a weak idea... Just delete this whole post.  Hell, I don't realy understand what the fuck I was meaning to say.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

The Crack Smoking Bandit!


and all that jazz

:beatnik: yeah baby, yeah