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Mixed ethnicity
Sometimes it is hard to choose between two

Ever made a character in which you want to display both aspects of their ethnicity? Technically everyone's mixed in some way, but let me make an example. Let's say your character's mother was Slavic, but their father was Thai. They might look more like their paternal parent with darker melanin being more dominant, but they would also likely look very different from the average Thai. Does this make sense?

I've sometimes felt like, one or the other doesn't justify it. Having 'Mixed' heritage would be very useful for certain characters, I think. Considering ethnicity actually matters when you look at a corpse, it should be a proper representation.

I honestly think that ethnicity should be removed from corpses barring any forensics check due to past experiences revealing aspects of my character never mentioned to anyone IC until someone looked at the corpse and was like "A frenchman!".

That being said, I would love a possibility of mixing heritage at Chargen, maybe the ethnicity thing but asking about your parents instead of just one. I have made most of my characters mixed in some fashion or another and it would be very fun to give forensics some more fun with DNA in that fashion.


You make two very good points. Not sure how it would all work out in the end but it has to be do-able, right? I also think in general the list is somewhat lacking in options.

I also like to mix my character's heritage to give them more depth, whether they know it or not, whether it's a secret or not. It's another part of their background, another thing that is worth talking about (or keeping to oneself).

My dad's Swedish and my mom's Turkish. And our DNA has expressed itself very differently between me and my younger brother. If I was a Sindome character I wouldn't know what to pick.