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More clothing stuff
I'm bein' nice :D

This message is for Tash:

I just simply wanted to ask if you'd consider from now on, naming clothing NKO or N.Kwan instead of N.Kwan Originals. �You've done an amazing job with clothing and this stuff looks great, but the name is a bit spammy.

Other reasons are that they are a bit long for inventory lists sometimes, and when just sitting in an area. �I mentioned it to a GM and he agreed but asked me to post to see if anyone else has issues.

Not a personal attack, just a personal request from one player to another.


(Edited by BattleAngel at 12:42 pm on Sep. 23, 2002)

I don't see why not. I plan on revamping her clothing line anyway, I won't say how. You can all find out ICly.

I'd appreciate that too. Tylissa is a fan of her brand and wears a lot of N.KO, but the desciptions do get rather long. Thank you Tash!

Sweet Tash, Thanks.  The descs themselves are great, I don't mind large descs, just the long names.

Lookin' forward to seein' what ya put out...just wish my char would be able to appreciate your char's work...