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More ethnic backgrounds
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Jenna

I would like to see more ethnic backgrounds on char gen. Like Finnish, Swedish etc.

Does it really matter that much?  Roleplay that your character is one of these things.  Just set it as something else. The only time anyone sees your set race IC that I'm aware of is on a corpse when it says the heritage.  And that doesn't really matter, because a)you're already dead  and b) The person who is assessing the corpse could easily make an error. They wouldn't be able to tell that the person was of Swedish or Finnish heritage anyway.  Those are too random.  In fact, I already laugh sometimes when I see a corpse and I can supposedly tell it was someone of German heritage.  How the hell would my character know that?  But it's not worth complaining about either way.

You want a Swede?  So play that your character is Swedish, no problem.  In your @stats it'll say the wrong thing, but that's OOC anyway and doesn't affect the game any.

The thing about heritage in the game is it that it goes by nationality more than ethnicity. I ran into this ages ago when I said Tash is Korean but was born in America and considers herself to be an American national.

Ethnicity is different from nationality. There are ways to distinguish between groups of people. There are common face shapes and feature combinations that are common to one group or another.

And being able to recognise that on a corpse will be more important when they get the forsensics coded.