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More Growable Plants
Succulents, Herbs and more!

While not a priority at all, I would love some more variation in growable items.

Herbs - literally just for flavor in a room (get it?) but would love some like little herb plants to have in kitchens and just to add some non-bloom plants that still have smells. Also fun flavor for badlands travelers.

Succulents/Cacti- Badlands harvestable or buyable, just a less floral growable plant. Maybe need to be gotten in a plot or non-buyable way to make them generally hard to handle, or require non-city temps to survive.

Vines and Trees - Not necessarily for player consumption, but I enjoy the few larger plants that are items around the game, and would love them to fall under the same mechanics as the flowers for smelling, coloration of leaves, etc.

A template for player submitted plants would be a great start for fix-it folks.
As someone who raises houseplants (I have over 500 in my one bedroom apartment) I support this!
Yes to succulents and cacti! They're my favorite kind of plants to keep, and the only ones my questionable green thumb can manage to care for long term.

I could provide a good list of plants that would be suitable for houseplants given location. I could also divide it up by social class if staff would like that!

I know I’m new here but this is one thing I have a ton of experience in.