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More illness for antibiotics
Something to make characters to RP more

I know that there are sometimes outbreaks and well, it makes that people have to be wary when going out.

I could RP and witness some use of antibiotics but it was not very frequent, they need more justice and it would be funnier to play medic and feeling accomplished each time you cure some disease.

I don't know if I am asking too much, or I am having a doc syndrome, where you make people sick to cure them after.

It is up to you to see if it is too much. *shrugs*

So you want more illnesses to be roaming the street? Problem with that is making it in such a way that is engaging and fun for everyone, not just for the doctor, and that usually is a tough balance.
Is it a bad idea?

Well, it shouldn't roam the street. It should be like, you get a cyberlimb in Red and you catch infection depending on the skill of the doc. Not like ebolaids.

I don't know the mechanics but since I saw the antibiotics, I felt like they were not enough loved. Maybe I am mistaking.

it's not a bad idea, just tough one to implement in a way that is fun, gotta drill into specifcs. How would you see the diseease then spread/progress? How is it cured?
Something like this is already in game.
Everything you are describing is in the game right now.

Antibiotics are expensive and are not often used because the illnesses associated with their use tend to be quite bad.

Some people don't RP their illnesses well, and would rather pop a sleeve than get them treated, which is very poor RP, IMHO.

I believe the admins already assign illnesses based on what the PC has gotten up to whether automagically or manually. Read that somewhere.
Well, it is because it is very rare that I wondered if it didn't need more love.

There was a case of infection but at the end, it killed the character, I think it is what you mean by bad? @TalonCzar

Honestly, the way it is cured would be same as any infection IC. You would just have to use the antibiotics after all. It is more likely to witness it in Red though, while in Gold and Green, it would be something with sanity but, this wouldn't need antibiotics, lol. @Marleen

I was just thinking about expanding what already exists but if it impossible, it is okay.

Thank you for your feedback. I will cure my doc syndrome another way then.


I fully encourage you to go out and be an amazing doctor in the game ICly. We don't have nearly enough people who want to play with an endgame goal of being a doctor! I can't help provide you more information OOCly on the matter though. I would suggest asking people who might know IC!

It is very fun to RP a doc.

I will take the initiative then. Thank you for your encouragement! @TalonCzar