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More interactive clothing!
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Aikao

Clothing that can be interacted with (more than just the tease command)! For instance, pants with knife sheaths already made in them! Or gun holsters. Or backpacks with computers in them (for when the Matrix comes out), that you can attach your visor or keyboard, or whateve ryou use to access the Matrix with. Also, why not have pants with zip-off legs? Doesn't really have a practical use, but it provides a little more interaction, and we all know how cool those things are. LoL. Also, how about clothing with actual pockets we could store things in? and being able to close certain pockets would be cool, too. Anyway, this is probably a hellish coder's nightmare, but there ya go. Its my idea, so tear it apart and shit on it if ya want. ;b

I think it'd be cool if instead of having an inventory, you had to store everything in pockets, bags, holsters, sheaths, etc.....or hold it.  Maybe a system so you can hold more than one thing in each hand, but then you can't use any of the items.

I like the idea of having a backpack with a deck or stimsim system so you can  jack-in at will, anywhere. Of course, that's only after the matrix comes out.

I like the pocket ideas. I always thought the 100+ things I could hold just magically clung to my body or they were stuffed down the legs of my synthetic black pants or something.