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More interactiveness on tvs
just some thoughts

So, I'm finnally working on converting a script to a %play_script and was thinking about a few things.

In the play scripts you can set actor's @lp and describe the room and the actors, and ussually, you force the camera to look at them or the room, but what if anyone watching something play on tv could look at it again to see the room desc and @lps or maybe even look at specfic actors on the tv.

Just a thought.

I belive that while a script is running you can do that.

I seem to remember that you could 'look actorname on tv' and it would work. dare it already exist.

I know, it crushes your young spirit to know that someone already may have done that.


Not that I could really have tested it, since we don't have any scripts running on the tv yet.  Which reminds me, remember last year, round Christmas, and presumably the year before, the NLM Christmas thing.  Well, I there were some pretty good scripts involved in some of those clues, could cut out the parts with the one asshole who is always smiling, and play those on tv.

Could someone write a scripted Televised sporting event, with random outcomes? that way, you could have televised racing, boxing, whatever, and give people something to bet on, cheer on your team in a bar, whatever. Make it more sociable, since, the last thing we need is more reasons for people to cube crawl.


KingFu, it is possible within our code to do so, yes. If you want to learn how, let me know, and I'll get you access to the scripting forums.

I was actually thinking about the whole random sporting event thing.  Would be pretty cool.

It would be awesome!  Betting on them would be alot of good RP, and it opens up new jobs.  Like a Bookie.

As I recall from when I saw the scripting language way back when it was first introduced, it's similar to a few other script languages I already know, so, sure, forum me up :D